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Whole truth
Information to all who are interested about the true relationships between Mr. Ayhan Doyuk, Wanda P. and Zbigniew P.

    The people who are spreading in the internet false information about Mr. Ayhan Doyuk are Wanda P. - the owner of a spiritualistic publishing company, who declares to be an exorcist, money provider for this plot, and Zbigniew P. - the brain of this operation, the internet specialist who knows English and German very well. In April they started a mad campaign against Mr. Ayhan Doyuk. Slanders made in internet were the crowning of this case. Wanda as well as Zbigniew knows Mr. Ayhan Doyuk from many years. They took part in seminars made by Mr. Doyuk and spent time together. They bought AyDo brand products from a German company "Mundus" and sold them on the Polish market via internet shopping. Once, after the seminar and the conversation with Mr. Doyuk, and on his request Wanda and Zbigniew undertook the research for a company in Poland that Mr. Doyuk could buy or cooperate with. In a second they found an opportunity for they own business. Till this day the German company is buying AyDo products and selling them on the market for a high price. Wanda and Zbigniew know exactly about this and they thought that the situation in Poland will look the same - they will find a company which will produce for them without questioning and they will have profits only from selling. But this was not the plan of Mr. Doyuk. He asked only for the translation and language help in contacting Polish companies and also in establishing a company in Poland, which could start the production and selling. Mr. Doyuk was on the interviews in Poland with four different companies. On first three meetings he didn't have the chance to speak directly with the potential co-operators, because everything was going through Zbigniew, who was the translator and Mr. Doyuk trusted him very much. Strangely after all those interviews Zbigniew was informing Mr. Doyuk that those companies don't wont to cooperate or that they are not ok and they need to search for another one. The issue was that Zbigniew was translating whatever he wanted and how he wanted, after all, not seeing the possibility of reaching their aims, Zbigniew together with Wanda suggested seeking another victims. And that's why they came on Marysieńka's way. From the very beginning they claimed that they will be the distributors of AyDo products, while Ayhan Doyuk should guarantee the technology. Ayhan Doyuk has never promised and taken into consideration the cooperation with any mediators, but only with the production company. Finally in August 2008 he came to Marysieńka company personally. He liked the company and surroundings ( small Town in the Centre of Poland without spectacular industry). From this time he asked Zbigniew for help in establishing in Poland a company (which came into being under the name AyDo World Projects) and with the help of the firm he wanted to start the cooperation with Marysieńka. He even considered buying this company with the job offering to Wanda and Zbigniew. Zbigniew P. knew that in this cooperation there will be no place for Wanda's company. He told Doyuk that establishing a company in Poland lasts for a very long time and he convinced him that during that time Wanda's company can cooperate with Marysieńka and deal with the distribution. Behind Doyouk's back, Wanda and Zbigniew started to act very fast. They bought the tanks and a very primitive production line for chemistry, everything was very cheap. They wanted to started very quickly and earn money as quick as possible. For the adjusting of the working place and all installations was paying "Marysieńka" and Wanda didn't cover this costs. Instead they heard only that he will pay when we start. In the meantime Mr. Doyuk came in contact with a worker off "Marysieńka" who was speaking English. Because Zbigniew forbid anyone to speak with Mr. Doyuk and was always around him he couldn't speak freely with anyone. No one has even thought about the game that Zbigniew was playing. Certain is that Zbigniew and Wanda wonted to deceive Doyuk and Marysieńka that no one would know the thru story. They were counting that it will looks like in Germany that Mr. Doyuk will accept the production place and will not interest anymore and will everything in their hands, and ass sellers they will make big profit. When In November 2008 a test production of drinking water and cleaning industry took place, Mr. Doyuk wonted to test the compounds and the company. He was very astound when he saw the amount of the water production. Not even that the label was wrong designed not according to Polish law, they had a vocabulary bug in the name Ayhan Doyuk (Ayan Doyuk). Wanda and Zbigniew didn't make any drama out of this, for them it was a good opportunity to quickly earn money by getting the products on the German market, where the products are known. Mr. Doyuk didn't allow to sell the products, they had a wrong label, and hi wonted to make the price lower. In his planning AyDo World Projects Sp. z o. o. was going to first legalized every product and then manage the selling program. Wanda should re invoice every bill for machinery and raw materials and get her money back. In February 2009 after multiple conversations and pleasing Mr. Doyuk was tired of being on Zbigniew favour he asked for help the employees of "Marysieńka" in establishing his company in Poland and in one month AyDo World Projects Sp. z o. o. was founded. In the meantime the whole game made by Zbigniew came out that something else he was saying to Mr. Doyuk and to owner of "Marysieńka". Even all this come out Mr. Doyuk was believing in those people and gave them a chance to understand their mistakes and find a solution from this situation, he pleased them to get out of the relationships between AyDo and "Marysieńka". He offered also buying back raw materials, machinery and opportunity to work by projects. But the reaction of Wanda and Zbigniew was totally unexpected. They turned against Mr. Doyuk and started to attack him on web pages and emails accounts. They even gone so far that they made a report to the Prosecutor's Office against Mr. Doyuk and "Marysieńka". Everything without success. After explanation proceedings, Mr. Doyuk made wide explanations, the Prosecutors Office has dismissed the case. Of course they put this report in the internet on a USA web server what is illegal, but very hard to hunt down. It is sad but you will see this rubbish some longer time but we cannot do much about this.
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